Membership Fees

Joining Oxenford Pony Club

Anyone wishing to join Oxenford Pony Club must join through the My Pony Club membership database using the following steps.

  1. Login HERE. If you are a new member, click on Sign Up. If you are already part of PCA, you will need to create a new password. Type in your Member ID number in the username section and click Forget Password?

  2. You will be sent an email to reset password to login

  3. Go through the Agreements & Opt-ins then select Accept & Continue.

  4. Check all your Basic Details, complete the Emergency Contact tab, update your OPT-INS or add your Credentials. Then go to MEMBER DETAILS , complete the MAILING ADDRESS form, and check your EQUALITY one.

  5. Head to MEMBERSHIP tab and select your Club (Eg. Oxenford) under the Club Membership option.

  6. Select the membership you require, complete the Horse Registration and your Opt-ins. After completing all the required information, click on Finish, and in the pop-up, Yes, Proceed to Cart.

  7. In the cart, you can see the summary of the amount going to PCA, the State, the State Zone and your club. After checking everything, click on Pay with Card, and purchase your membership.

2022 Membership fees
First family riding member (includes ground levy $240 & insurance $108.12) = $348.12
Additional no riding family member (non-rider $10 & insurance $35) = $45.00
Additional riding family member (membership $40 + insurance $108.12) = $148.12
Single rider (includes ground levy $210 & insurance $108.12) = $318.12
Single Social (social $20 + insurance $35) = $55.00
First Rally Day membership: $TBA (insurance cover) - normally $10

If you are still unsure click HERE to direct you to the User Guide for JustGo to help you sign up.

You can now download the Pony Club Australia app to access all your membership details and find Pony Club Events. Currently switching over to the new system, JustGo.